2018 Alois Lageder Cantina Riff PGR delle Venezie 6pk

2018 Alois Lageder Cantina Riff PGR delle Venezie 6pk

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Where the rugged Northern Italian Alps lie today, there was an ocean fi lled with colourful coral reefs 220 million years ago. Over the course of millions of years the fossilized coral reefs turned into an impressive mountain landscape. Today the rock layers are still full of hidden fossils from their past life in the ocean, like the nautilus snail with its perfectly formed lime casing. The vines of the RIFF wines grow on the slopes of this mountain landscape in the Veneto region. The Alois Lageder Winery from Alto Adige produces them together with partners from the region.


Brilliant straw-yellow color with a green tint.


Fine, fruity (apples and peaches) forward, varietal s


Fresh, precise grapey flavour, light to medium bodied with a fresh mouth-watering finish. Dry and cri


Starters, poultry, white meat and pasta.


Pinot Grigio